Menards Legendary Shiloh

Menards Legendary German Shepherds specializes in breeding large old fashioned healthy German Shepherd dogs.  First I would like to thank Kellie Mintern of Minterns German Shepherds, and Robin Krumm of Royalair German Shepherds for giving me the opportunity to breed my favorite dogs again.  So as you can see I am starting off with some great bloodlines.  A little about me I grew up raising German Shepherds and Shelties.  It has been about 25 years since I have raised dogs I stopped raising them when I got out of high school.  I then got married and had children therefore the raising of dogs got put on the backburner.  I am now at a point where I can start raising German shepherds again.  I grew up with German Shepherds and they were my best friend and also my protector.  These dogs are great with kids.  I currently have 4 children ranging from 16 down to 7 and they crawl all over the dogs and they are just very tolerant loving animals. I OFA or PennHip test and DM test all my breeding dogs.  My dogs are exceptionally smart, loyal, loving and protective when needed.  They seem to know a friend from an unfriendly person.  These dogs are big boned, straight backed and are above standard size for the AKC.  They are great family pets and protectors. The puppies are worked with from birth until they go to their new homes. When you take your new puppy home you get a puppy pack, health certificate and me for any questions you may have.  I will always be there for you down the road if you have any questions or concerns.